Forget big pay-packet only with MBA

Off course we all think without an exception that it is MBA which might get us job and that too a big fat salary package. Indeed, we notice that with MBA you become employable and that doesn’t mean that you will get a fat package. Historically and traditionally with MBA students has been getting jobs and that’s fine because with MBA student do get their ROI but on the contrary getting a fat salary package was not there with companies and it is not at present and might not happen in future too.
Industry is demanding that MBA pass outs must understand the nature of job and must deliver right from the world go. Since teams in industry are shrinking hence, getting job is becoming difficult because of loss of opportunities and big salary is out of question with the exception always there.
Recently all start-up companies stated with fat packages but fizzled out later. You name any big e –commerce company, they are not doing that well and they show their losses in crores and this give shivers in industry hence, in this context bigger salaries are totally ruled out.
Let’s try to know that what is that constitutes a big salary ?Why industry might be willing to give to the right candidate? And what is the definition of right candidate for the industry. ? A big salary means that either you are the experienced candidate or you have been given extra emoluments for your experience only. Or you may be a technical guy who has skilled further in a particular domain hence, you get more salary. In these areas industry might be willing to give extra salary otherwise for a fresher,forget fay salary with MBA only but yes if you have exceptional skills of creating positive energy and you do understand the domain of industry ,you can be exceptional to get better salary than others .
Industry today is getting choosy to go to MBA institutes also because they are short of time for waiting for the performance and in this context candidates who are passing out have to have extra skills along with MBA , so that they get noticed by industry stalwarts who are very shrewd , you will not be selected otherwise.
It is crucial to understand for ever that MBA facilitates you to become employable and later you have to prove yourself in the industry that you are the best to aspire for fat salary.

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