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Master of Arts (M.A) degree is one of the higher degrees conferred by recognized Universities in India. Achieving a M.A degree can unlock a good number of career prospects or pave the way to achieve higher academic achievements. You can pursue a Master of Arts degree in various disciplines such as Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Law and sometimes Business. Students who complete their Masters in Arts Degree even can pursue M.Phil or PhD degree. So, if are thinking to pursue higher degree then enrol in one of the highly sought Master of Arts Degree.

Online Master of Arts courses:

Online Master of Arts courses are in great demand. Professionals, homemakers or even students can take the advantage of online Master of Arts degree and fulfil their dream of achieving a Master Degree. The online Master of Arts degree is basically an internet based Distance Course that allows aspirants to pursue Masters by overcoming the geographical and professional barriers. Such courses are imparted by ensuring quality of education and ensuring flexibility to the aspirants. Online Master of Arts courses carry the value compared to regular course as these Degrees are conferred by the Universities or Institutions accredited by the UGC and DEC.

Why Master of Arts Distance Education Course is in demand?

An M.A Distance Course is the right choice if you are unable to attend the regular classes or seek for flexibility in pursuing a higher degree. Moreover, having an M.A. is also the eligibility criteria for M.Phil or PhD degree. Completion a Master of Arts Course through distance education also makes you eligible for various posts including higher positions.

More about Online Master of Arts Course:

Masters of Arts Distance education is a 2 (two) years course and a range of institutions / universities offer this advanced academic programs to students with a bachelor’s degree. This course is conferred online by the Universities /Institutions accredited by UGC or DEC. This online correspondence course enables candidates to achieve higher degree in various disciplines in a flexible manner. Professionals who want to achieve higher degree and continue their job simultaneously prefer such courses. All the essential study materials are provided to the students to complete the course.

Why M.A Online the right choice?

Pursuing an online Master’s Degree is minimum eligibility criteria for higher academic achievements. It also propels your job prospect. Moreover, you can complete this course without attending classes and even clear all your doubts and seek for experts’ guidance through the online.

Advantages of M.A Distance Education:

  • It allows you to pursue a higher degree by setting your own pace of study
  • It is the perfect choice of professionals or home makes or students who want flexible timing
  • It allows you to overcome the geographical barriers and complete a professional degree
  • It often costs less compared to a regular or full time course

Why our M.A Online Course is in demand?

  • Easy to understand study materials
  • Integrated curriculum
  • 24×7 e-library
  • Doubt clearance session
  • Online amicable and experienced faculty
  • Access to study related video clips
  • Career counselling assistance

Eligibility for M.A Distance Course:

A candidate having a Bachelor’s degree in any stream from any recognized University or equivalent degree is eligible to pursue M.A Correspondence Course.

Programme Duration for Master of Arts:

The duration of Master of Arts is 2 (two) years. But a candidate will have to complete the programme within 4 (four) years from the session of enrolment.

For more details please click on the various streams for M.A Correspondence

Complete your Master of Arts studies online

Is it your desire to obtain an Art-related Master’s degree, but you are unable to physically participate? The objective of EDUVANI is to be helpful. Designed for busy professionals and learners, our M.A. program can be completed entirely online. This is ideal for those seeking to improve their comprehension and abilities within a specific domain.
India’s most prestigious universities offer our online M.A. degree program. Approval from the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) and the University Grants Commission (UGC) has been obtained. Within your territorial boundaries, you can decide which university among our partners you want to attend to obtain your degree.

A flexible path to earning your M.A. degree

Learners can enjoy flexibility and convenience through our M.A. program, which is offered online. By choosing when and where you want to study, you can make your education fit perfectly with your hectic lifestyle. Accessing unlimited online study materials and learning resources is also included in your benefits. Access to faculty members and advisors is granted so you can receive the guidance and support needed for success. You can study a comprehensive range of topics, from Contemporary Arts to Art History to Arts Education. Your choice of courses in keeping with your field of study will depend on what suits both your interests and career objectives.
We acknowledge at EDUVANI that education is a primary foundation for personal and professional growth. Flexible and affordable online courses are essential for providing quality education. We understand this need at our institution and have designed various courses to cater specifically to it. We teach business, technology, art, and design. Everyone deserves a great education. Our courses are available worldwide.

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