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Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a professional and terminal degree and is imparted by various Universities ensuring quality education under the accreditation bodies. The core courses in an MBA program cover various areas of business such as management, business law, finance, accounting, marketing, business communication, applied statistics, business ethics, managerial economics, and operations which are considered to be highly relevant relevant to management analysis and strategy. This professional course is in high demand in the job market and completing an MBA increases the probability to get a managerial level job.

What is an online MBA program?

Online MBA program is accredited by UGC and DEC and is imparted only through internet by ensuring the quality of education. This course provides flexibility to the aspirants such as professionals, homemakers or students in completing a professional degree by enjoying flexibility and overcoming geographical barriers.

More about MBA Correspondence / Distance Course:

An MBA degree is in great demand in the job market. Multinational Companies or firms seek to hire candidates having a MBA degree and impressive career record. Pursuing an MBA Online Program has many advantages as candidates enjoy flexibility to pursue this program without compromising their professional career and the quality of education. All the course materials are provided to the candidate in a hassle-free manner. The MBA Distance Education is conferred only by the Universities/institutions accredited by UGC and DEC.

Why MBA Online program the right choice?

There are a good number of reasons why you should consider MBA Online program. If you are interested in enhancing your professional skills without quitting your job then this degree is the right choice as it enlightens you with the essentials aspects to deal with the real time job situations which in turn pave the way to secure managerial positions. Moreover, an MBA Distance Course also help you to secure a managerial job position in a firm or organisation such as supervisor, manager, assistant director or more in government sector or corporate sector.
Many education experts believe that this professional course also enables candidates to initiate their own start-ups or become business savvy.

Advantages of MBA Distance Education:

  • It allows you to pursue a higher degree by setting your own pace of study
  • It is the perfect choice of professionals or home makes or students who want flexible timing
  • It allows you to overcome the geographical barriers and complete a professional degree
  • It often costs less compared to a regular or full time course

Why our MBA Online Course is in demand?

  • Easy to understand study materials
  • Integrated curriculum
  • 24×7 e-library
  • Doubt clearance session
  • Online amicable and experienced faculty
  • Access to study related video clips
  • Career counselling assistance

Eligibility for MBA Distance Course:

A candidate having a Bachelor’s degree from any recognized University or equivalent degree is eligible to pursue MBA Distance Education

Programme Duration for Master of Social Work Distance Education:

The duration of Master of Social Work Distance Education is 2 (two) years. Choose from our Streams for MBA Distance Education and give your job career a boost.

Get an MBA with Distance Education

Is obtaining an MBA your goal, but attending a traditional university is not feasible due to a lack of finances or time? Here to assist you in this endeavor is EDUVANI. Advance your career amidst your busy schedule efficiently through our dependable distance Education MBA program. Using our distance education program, you can complete your MBA quickly and with fewer expenses than at conventional universities. Study at your convenience with our program’s flexible schedule, which offers you great flexibility regarding when to study and how long you want to take to complete the course. Moreover, our virtual course offerings furnish all the resources and backing required for your success.
Besides this, our program delivers various classes that incorporate business management skills, financial analysis techniques, accounting principles, legal concepts, and marketing tactics. You can gain valuable knowledge and expertise through our interactive learning platform by engaging with experienced instructors and fellow students worldwide. Join us now to get started on the path to greater knowledge.

Enjoy Multiple career-building opportunities

Our MBA Distance Education program aims to provide a complete education that improves knowledge and creates several career growth opportunities. We made the program to help working professionals improve their skills. It also aims to improve their chances of success in their career in business. We designed our lessons to help students learn the newest business management methods. Making sure they are ready to lead in their organizations is ensured.
EDUVANI’s MBA Distance Education program is an excellent solution for progressing your career when you are ready. Start taking advantage of all the benefits our program offers by beginning today. Browse through our courses to find the one that suits your specific needs. To learn more, call us now!

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