Vedic Science Distance Learning Course

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Vedic Science Distance Learning Course

Vedic Science Distance Learning is one of the popular correspondence programs that allows aspirants to achieve a Diploma, Certificate or undergraduate degree in Vedic Science by understanding its significance. This program is designed to help students understand the ancient scientific thoughts that were found in early Indian highly revered scriptures of Hinduism, such as Vedas. Vedas are considered to be the oldest scriptures of prehistoric science and human condition. These oldest surviving scriptures are still considered to be sacred.
Vedic Science Distance Learning allows aspirants to have an in-depth understanding of this ancient science, human existence evolution and creation of life. The courses that allow an aspirant to pursue the Vedic Science are: B.A/B.Sc in Vedic Science, B.A/B.Sc Yoga & Naturopathy, M.Sc in Vedic Science & Holistic Health, M.Sc in Applied Yoga & Human Excellence, Diploma in Yoga and Diploma in Medication. And with the rising health concerns among all ages, the demand for this program is seen. The courses also make a candidate eligible for various jobs and placements.

Why online distance Vedic Science program?

Online distance Vedic Science program is designed for aspirants who want to make a career in Vedic Science but have no time to attend the regular classes. This correspondence program enables an aspirant to pursue the various Vedic courses by enjoying flexibility. And the curriculum helps the candidates to understand the practical application of naturopathy, meditation and Yoga that are considered to be pertinent components of Vedic Science. By enrolling in this program, an aspirant can achieve a Diploma, Certificate of a degree by overcoming geographical barriers. So, if you want to pursue a career in Yoga, Medication and such related then contact our career counselling team!

Why our online distance Vedic Science program is popular?

Online Distance Vedic Science program is imparted with the support of advanced technology to aspirants who want to achieve an undergraduate or master’s degree in this particular program. The study materials are provided to the candidate through correspondence and also allow candidates to access course related videos so that aspirants can pursue the course by overcoming geographical barriers. Students are provided assistance of expert and experienced faculty members. Moreover, we have free career counselling service for all our students who would enlighten them in choosing a course of their interest and achieve a good job offer.

Advantages of Online Distance Vedic Science program:

  • You can enjoy flexibility to pursue a professional course
  • It is a perfect course who has no time to attend regular classes
  • Easy to understand study materials
  • With the support of advanced technology contents can access with smart gadgets
  • You can achieve a professional degree by overcoming geographical barriers
  • Students are given more individual attention

Why our Distance Vedic Science Program is popular?

Because of the following reasons, our Distance Vedic Science Program is popular:

  • 24×7 e-library
  • Easy to understand study materials
  • Individual attention
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • High support system for doubt clearance session for all students
  • Friendly and experience faculty
  • Grievance Redress Cell Support
  • Easy access to curriculum relevant video clips
  • Friendly Career counselling support for all students

Eligibility for Online Distance Vedic Science program:

Any aspirant seeking admission in Diploma, Certificate or Undergraduate degree program, he/she should have passed 10+2 from any recognized Board or Council. And to be eligible for a Master’s Degree program, an applicant should be graduate or equivalent from any recognized University or similar Institution.

Online Vedic Science program duration:

The duration of Diploma & Certificate Course is 1 (one) year. And the duration of undergraduate degree program is 3 (three) years, whereas the Master’s degree program is 2 (two) years.

So, enrol with us for this program and start an exciting career. For more details or queries please feel free to contact us!

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